Research fellow at the University of St Andrews

I have worked as teaching assistant for the following undergraduate courses at UCSD:


LIGN 17: Making and breaking codes (a course on cryptography and information theory). Winter 2011, Winter 2012, Winter 2013.

LIGN 120: Morphology. Spring 2014.

LIGN 130: Semantics. Spring 2012, Spring 2013.

LIGN 179: Second language acquisition research. Fall 2012.

LIGN 176: Language of politics and advertising. Fall 2011.

Human Development

HDP 1: Intro to Human Development. Fall 2013.


PHIL 12: Scientific reasoning/Logic and decision making. Fall 2010.

PHIL 13: Intro to Philosophy – Ethics. Spring 2010.


HUM 1: The foundations of western civilization – Israel and Greece (class on argumentative writing based around critiquing literature). Winter 2010.

HUM 2: Rome, Christianity, and the Middle Ages (description as above). Spring 2011.


And as a tutor for the following undergraduate courses at the University of Edinburgh:

Child BilingualismĀ : Language and Cognition (Hons.). Semester 2, 2016.


Other Teaching Experience:

I have done extensive tutoring for primary and secondary schoolgoers, both privately and at tutoring centers, in the following subjects: maths, physics, English, writing, and SAT prep.

I have completed partial requirements for a PGCE by taking part in the AimHigher Student Associates Scheme, where I completed a Science and ESL teaching placement at the Oxford Community School, Oxfordshire.

I am also a volunteer for LEAPS in Edinburgh.

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